Wednesday, March 25, 2015

I paint on both sides! Do you?

Do any of you love Yupo as much as I do!?  

I use translucent Yupo (usually 104 lb. weight).  I paint on the back as well as on the front.  

Here's my reference photo for "Lowcountry Sunshine".  This scene is from Palmetto Islands County Park (although around here it's just called Palmetto County Park).

My reference photo.

And here's a picture of what I painted on the back.....

It's reversed, of course.

Here's the completed painting.

Can you tell that some of the paint I put on the back is showing through to the front?

"Lowcountry Sunshine" (watercolor on translucent Yupo)
by Helen K. Beacham Fine Art
Image size:  14"h x 18"w - Framed size approx 20"h x 24"w

I'm wondering if you've ever tried this at home!?  Why not post your Yupo paintings into the comments on my blog...remember to give us a link to your website if you have one to share with us.  I look forward to seeing them!