Thursday, June 19, 2014

Colorful Maine in October!

Now that summer's here (!), it's time to think Fall...and what better place to be in the Fall than with me in Maine when I teach you how to capture her glorious, magical colors in Watercolor on Translucent Yupo!

Hiking Trail in Acadia National Park (photo credit:
I'm teaching a 5-day Translucent Yupo workshop ("TRANSLUCENT MAGIC")  , hosted by Acadia Workshop Center in Bernard, Maine (near Bar Harbor) from October 6-10, 2014.  (Details HERE).

Fishing in Bar Harbor, ME  (photo credit:

Bass Harbor.  Photo credit:
Every afternoon, when the sun is just right, we'll explore the outdoors, taking lots of good research photos for our paintings.  During the day, we'll paint indoors where we can take advantage of all that the translucent Yupo has to offer.  Want to learn how I paint on both sides of the Yupo?  You won't believe the stunning glow you can achieve by using this technique!

"Spring" (watercolor on Translucent Yupo) by Helen K. Beacham Fine Art (available for purchase).
This is a scene here in Charleston, SC, but imagine using the same technique for Maine's colors!!!
Sign up today and let's make some MAGIC happen!  Once again, details can be found HERE.

Now for more Maine pictures to tease your senses!  Kudos to Greg A. Hartford with for the magical photographs of Bar Harbor, Bernard and Acadia National Park!

Bar Harbor, ME (photo credit:

Bar Harbor Fog.  Photo credit:

Bar Harbor Street.  Photo credit:

Cadillac Mountain.  Photo credit:

Cadillac Mountain Sunrise.  Photo credit:
Come paint Montreal, Maine, and Charleston with me in 2014!  
In May 2015, we go back to Venice!!!  Find details HERE.