Saturday, June 14, 2014

Do you hurt when you paint?

Kids get arthritis too...something I never thought about.

I've been asked to partner (art-wise) with 5 yr old Charlotte (...soon to turn 6!) who was diagnosed in September with Systemic Juvenile Arthritis.  This disease affects 300,000 children nationwide.  Charlotte takes daily shots of Anakinera.  (Poor thing.  We hate to see our babies suffer, don't we?).  High fevers (102 degrees F or higher) can occur as often as several times daily, and another symptom is a rash that can manifest pretty much anywhere on the body.  Joints become inflamed and enlarged.  

"Arts for Arthritis" has asked local artists to meet with our young painting partner and for each of us to paint a subject that we agree on (Charlotte and I are meeting in about 7 days...I wonder what we'll choose...suggestions??!!!). 

We'll then frame the paintings, and offer them for sale to the public.  The money raised from the sale of these paintings will go to research, to kick this disease's behind!  

Charlotte and I will do our part.  And you can do YOUR part! (Either purchase a painting in the gallery, or purchase tickets to the D'Vine Affair on Sept 6 and bid on a painting in the Auction...see below).

August 3 (1-3pm):  Gallery Show to celebrate each unique piece of art created this year by the artists and children. Hosting location:  Lowcountry Artists Gallery, 148 E. Bay St., Charleston, SC  29401 (843) 577-9295.  Show will hang through August 31.

September 6 (7pm):  D'Vine Affair (Gala Fundraiser theme:  Masquerade - Faces of Arthritis), to be held at Memminger Auditorium in Charleston, SC.  Tickets ($60 single or $100 couple) may be purchased ahead of time at Tickets are also available at the door ($70 singles, $120 couples at the door).

Help our children who suffer from Juvenile Arthritis.
Purchase our paintings, or purchase a ticket to this fundraiser.
For details, see
Please share this with your family and friends and make a difference
in a child's life!

They deserve better!
Come paint Montreal, Maine, and Charleston with me in 2014!  
In May 2015, we go back to Venice!!!  Find details HERE.