Friday, January 11, 2013

Day 9

Mission:  30 paintings in 30 days
Focus:  Watercolor with pen and ink on Italian-made Fabriano 140# paper.

One of the first weekends that we moved to SUMMERVILLE, SC (almost seven years ago), we walked over to the FARMER'S MARKET one Saturday morning and wandered around...pretending we were already one of the "locals".  

We sauntered over to a vendor that was selling plants of all kinds and started poking around.  My husband pointed to one of the little potted plants and said "I've always loved figs."  I turned to him and said, "why don't you buy it?  You can look after's all yours!"  He beamed and handed over his $5 and we took home our little 12" high fig tree.  This year it measures about 4' tall (with multiple stems!), and it finally gave us some decent fruit.  I expect good things from it next year!

"The Young Fig" (watercolor with pen and ink) 4" x 6" (Available)
by Helen K. Beacham

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