Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Day 14

Mission:  30 paintings in 30 days
Focus:  Watercolor with pen and ink on Italian-made Fabriano 140# paper.

Back by popular demand!  Spanish moss!
I'll never forget the first time my little granddaughter noticed moss (on her own) in our live oak trees in Summerville...I had been trying, over the days, to show her what moss was.  One day, on our walk, she was sitting in her little stroller...we turned the corner and the sun was backlighting the moss for us, in all its glory...she threw up her hands in the air and shrieked "Moss!!!!".  :)

"Eeasy Breezy" (watercolor with pen & ink)  6" x 4" (Available)
By Helen K.  Beacham

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