Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Montreal Fast Food


As with cities in Italy, if you see a fast food restaurant in Montreal (my home town), it's done so that it blends in with the historic architecture of the city.  No golden arches here (unless you count the awnings!)

One of the specialty "fast foods" that you'll find in Montreal is "poutine" (pronounced poo-tin).  It's french fries with brown gravy and melted cheese on top! Oh, my!!!

Poutine:  French Fries, brown gravy and melted cheese!!!!

In Old Montreal.

  Another fast food joint I LOVE, is the Orange Julep.  Here, you can get the best Club Sandwich and an "orange julep" drink (what else?!)  Ok, I must admit that this building is not very "historic" in nature.  It's located near Decarie Blvd where it's not so "historic" in nature.
The Orange Julep near Decarie Blvd.


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