Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Watercolor Workshop


Yesterday, I held Day 1 of a 2 day watercolor workshop with my intermediate students in Summerville.  When I arrived at our location, I found 2 of my students waiting for the morning train to rumble through historic downtown Summerville!  Research photos for a future painting!?  I hopped out of my car and snapped pics of them, taking pics of the train!

My students, Anne & Bernice, snapping pics of the train (for future paintings!).
Everyone learned a lot throughout the day (or so they told me!) and I had to take a picture of Bernice's tree...what a marvelous tree it was!  Look at these luscious colors and granulation on her paper!  Good job, Bernice!

My student, Bernice's, tree!   Way to listen to the lesson!
The Summer House (in Summerville, SC) - location for my August 2012 watercolor workshop


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