Monday, July 30, 2012

Sunday in Montreal

A trip to Montreal wouldn’t be complete without some lox and bagels.  After a family breakfast, we headed to the Atwater Farmer’s Market where we saw the most wonderful looking cheeses, meats, desserts and flowers.  Here are some things that stood out for me!

Atwater Farmer's Market - parking lot

Duck Confit

Paella - pan was about 4 ft. in diameter (behind the glass)

Venus Flytrap in the Garden section of the market

After that we headed to Old Montreal & the Old Port of Montreal (where the Cirque du Soleil has held events) for a leisurely stroll along its cobblestoned streets.  We turned the corner onto "rue St. Paul" (in French it means St. Paul Street) and stumbled upon a corner storefront, which I had painted about 30 years ago!  Here’s a pic of what it looks like today, compared to my painting back then!  It was fun to see an old friend!   

"rue St. Paul" (watercolor) by Helen K. Beacham

We then headed into an art gallery to browse and to fill my senses!  

Down a side alley, we saw this artist who paints oil paintings of Montreal for the tourists.  There are lots of outdoor artist set-ups in Old Montreal.

Montreal artist in a side alley, talking to art lovers.

Here’s a curiosity.  There were about 8 of these contraptions every 6 feet on one of Old Montreal’s streets.  Upon closer observation, we realized that this is where people can deposit their cigarettes after they’re done.  How civilized!  (beats sand buckets where you end up with gum and other trash, I guess).

                       For cigarette disposal.

Street musicians round out our stroll “culturally”.  Makes you walk more lightly, even if you should be tired by now!

Street artists & musicians in Old Montreal
For a late lunch, we go to meet our niece who has a summer job at a Brazilian restaurant in the eastern end of Ste. Catherine.  A walk under this “pink ball” canopy made us happy to be outside today. 

East end of Ste. Catherine Street 
Here’s what we saw as we traveled home in the car…a bunch of senior citizens toodling along on their motor scooters (they have the bike lanes to travel in).

We decided to stay in last evening and play Trivial Pursuit with our nephew and his friend.  I had been telling our 21 yr old nephew that his uncle was the smartest man I knew, so he had to figured out what that was all about.  Listen to this:  all 5 of the rest of us played as a team  AGAINST my husband, who knows the minisculist minutiae of the world.  And darned if he didn’t win AGAIN!  I tell you there is no justice!

Trivial Pursuit rounds out our Sunday!

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