Thursday, June 21, 2012

Art Impressions

I'm often moved or impressed by another artist's creation and want to share it with you in this new blog category (Art Impressions).

I stumbled upon Heather Benning's installation today.  Heather lives in rural Saskatchewan, Canada and what I came across was "The Dollhouse", which she completed in 2007.  She says the original Manitoba farmhouse was abandoned in 1968 and she subsequently found it in 2005. She set out to restore the house's interior so that it took us back to the time of its abandonment. But what's unique about this project is that she chose to remove the north wall of the house and replace it with Plexiglas!

Having just recently painted a (miniature!) dollhouse for my own granddaughter, I was intrigued by Heather's project so much, that it made it to my blog's "Art Impressions" category! Heather's website shows the project in progress.

"The Dollhouse" by Heather Benning
My thanks to MAWA (Mentoring Artists 4 Women's Art) for the photograph: