Sunday, February 12, 2017

Anonymous in Venice

It's been nearly impossible to buy "authentic" Venetian treasures online (you could never fully trust the source), but I just read about a NEW WEBSITE that is managed by Andrei Dall'Osto, the son of a Venetian mask shop owner.  Online, they sell not only masks, but Murano glass jewelry!

Carnival in Venice (February 11 - 28, 2017)
It ends with the celebration of Lent.
Carnival (or Carnevale, as it's often used) may come from the Latin translation of "Farewell to Meat". Wikipedia tells us that Carnival started in Venice in 1162. Locals and visitors alike take great delight in dressing up, yet remaining anonymous to enjoy what Venice has to offer!  Indeed, some 3 million visitors come to Venice during Carnival.

If you're headed to Carnival, you might want to check out 8 Tips for visiting Venice's Carnival on a Travel Budget.

And thanks to Venetian Cat Bauer for making me aware of the new Venice mask website!

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