Friday, January 13, 2017

Ranting & Raving

I lamented (complained?) today that it seems all of the watercolor competitions have deadlines (and show dates) that collide every Spring. How do YOU decide which paintings to commit to which show?

Combine this with the fact that I'm usually in Venice for almost a month every Spring, and it becomes evident that show planning is not my favorite thing to do. Especially when, come January 1, my brain and heart are already traipsing around Italy. 

And puleeze!  Why can these shows not come up with one set of rules for all? You literally have to read the fine print 3 times. Maximum image sizes, types of frames, glass, plexi, varnish, no varnish, transparent, is all over the place and we artists inherently do not like to deal with "keeping up".  Or at least THIS ARTIST doesn't.  It makes me want to burn all my applications (again), grab another cup of hot tea, and paint instead.

"The Italian Door"
Watercolor by Helen K Beacham Fine Art
In a Private Collection.
I think maybe my rant has passed for tonight. I might reread the final 4 apps in the morning, and hopefully begin anew with a much better attitude. 'Night, all.

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