Friday, December 16, 2016

2017's Pantone "Color of the Year"

I'm always excited to hear about "next year's Color of the Year".  Not that I do anything with the information. 2016's was Merlot and I didn't buy anything Merlot-colored until last week (a stylish, VERY warm sweater). Usually, around the time I give in to a fad, it's over.

2017's Color of the Year is....get ready for it...Greenery.  Hmmm?? You heard right.  Not Green. Greenery. 

Well, that's a color I can get on board with right away! My breakfast room table is the most vibrant green shade of paint I could find. If I were to subdivide my paintings (on my website) into color categories, my Green category would cause the other categories to tumble into Charleston harbor.

My walls are Diamond Blue (Glidden, I think), and that green was a bold choice about 3 years ago.  I'm finally in style!
Happy holidays!
And lest you are wondering exactly what constitutes greens, check out Legion Paper company's announcement where they take all kinds of liberties with greens.

p.s.  I'm thinking about my students that recently took my "Mixing Greens, Easily & Successfully"'re now a step ahead, right!

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