Saturday, April 9, 2016

Did you know?

I'm headed to Venice again in a week!

Did you know...

1)  The name for their little neighborhood grocery stores is Coop (but pronounced COPE).  Bring your own bag or they'll charge for plastic bags. Or, bring your granny shopping cart with you (

2)  DO NOT try to pick up the produce with your bare hands!  They will impart the wrath of the Produce Police upon you (and the glares of all the little mamas in the Coop at the time).  They provide you with plastic gloves to put on, so grab one!

3)  Each fruit & vegetable has a price next to it, along with a code or number.  Go to the little weighy-thingy and key in that code after you lay your produce on the scale.  The machine prints out a price label to stick on your bag (try to avoid sticking it on your plastic glove...just sayin').

4)  Oh...and if you need eggs, don't bother looking in the fridge area.  They're stocked on some out-of-the-way shelf, in room temperature.  It works.

Cannot wait to be glared at again!  I've been waiting a year!!!

It's time to think about Venice in 2017.  Come paint with me! 
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