Monday, April 11, 2016

Did you know #2

Venice is tiny.'s made up of 118 islands and 400 bridges, but if you hoof it, you can cross it on foot in about 2 hours.

Despite its small size, I was surprised to learn that there are different dialects spoken throughout the six different districts ( or "sistieri" as they're called...sistiere for the singular).

I remember, one day, standing in line to board one of the vaporetto (water bus or boat).  I was talking to a very distinguished-looking Italian gentleman, telling him we were headed to the Fondamente Nuove at the northern end of Venice, where we would grab another vaporetto to go to Burano (a fabulous fishing village).  

Well, he immediately let me know it was called Fondamente Nove, NOT NUove.  "But...", I stammered in broken Italian, "it says Nuove on the map."  

"Ugh", he replied, "we locals pronounce it Nove.  It is only called Nuove by those outside our sistiere and by those who created the map!"  He kind of lectured me for a few minutes until I assured him I would now and forevermore call it Nove.   I was rewarded with a big Italian smile!

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