Thursday, February 11, 2016

A gift I'll treasure!

This week, a friend gave me a portrait she did of me while we were in Venice.  It touched me that she would take the time to do this for me!  Thank you, Donna B!  

It got me to thinking that I'm not a "self-portrait" painter like some of you are. (...but you should check out the self-portraits that Maria Bennett Hock does of herself, depicting her many emotions both happy and sad) 

I've done exactly 2 of myself in my whole lifetime.  But here are the all the ones painted of me, just for giggles and grins.

Self-portrait from about 30 years ago.  YES, I had the poofy hair!!!

Charcoal portrait done by an artist named Davies...$10 at some festival I attended.  Still with the poofy hair!

Self-portrait of me with my cat, Izzy.
I did this one about 8 years ago as an example of a monochromatic painting for my students.
Do any of you out there in cyberspace remember this??

Portrait done by my 7 yr old granddaughter about 2 weeks ago.
She totally captured me!

My special portrait by Donna B., who came with me to Venice in 2014.
She captured me here, lugging 3 satchels for my students...don't ask me how I got talked into that one.  I'm sure they were happily taking pictures of the canal next to La Fenice (the Opera house), where this was taken.
I'll treasure this one forever!
It's time to think about Venice in 2017.  Come paint with me! 
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