Wednesday, February 10, 2016

Darkening the Ocean

Like you (I suspect) I continually struggle with "available" technologies (I can't even call them "new" technologies just because I've never partaken....right?).  I really wanted to create a GIF of the step-by-step photos for you so it's easier to see the transitions.  I did manage to download a GIF program and then I couldn't figure out where it got saved on my laptop.  So goes my life!

Here, instead, are the next 2 steps of my painting.  In the second one, I've gone over the existing colors at the very bottom with a wash of Winsor & Newton Payne's Gray and W&N Indigo (not over the whole thing, just where I wanted it darker).  I'm hoping you can see the difference (?).  


For now I'm happy with the result.  I always reserve the right to go back in there at a later time.  Next step:  darken that next section right above the bottom wave to make the wave pop out. The white of that wave is NOT done.  I needed some darks around it, in order to judge what to do next.  (Maybe I'll figure out how to create that GIF as well!  Any suggestions as to a good program to use?)

It's time to think about Venice in 2017.  Come paint with me! 
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