Monday, December 7, 2015

The Power of Art...fact or fiction?

I'm watching The Voice tonight and Zach Seabaugh just mentioned that he first felt the "power of music" when he sang for a crowd right after the 9/11 attack.  He cried through it.  Well, I believe in the "power of art" too.

My husband and I first went to Italy in 1998, and on my bucket list was to visit David in Florence.  I walked straight back to the room that David was commanding, while my husband wandered from room to room first (he reads all the plaques).  Ray finally caught up to me as I stood in front of David, looked down and said "what's wrong???  why are you crying?".  I looked at him and I swear his words didn't register.  I had NO idea I'd been crying.  And that's the power of Art.  

Has it happened to you?  It's pretty darned special, isn't it!?

Ray and I on our 1998 visit to Florence
(p.s.  that scarf is still one of my favorites!)
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In 2016, we're going to Venice again.
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