Tuesday, December 8, 2015

I dusted off an oldie, but goodie.

Today I had a much-needed hair appointment.  It seems like that's the only time I actually get to sit and read my art books anymore.

I took with me an oldie, but goodie.  

"Splash 4" dates back to 1996.  Here's what struck me...the earmarked pages from 1996 no longer were the paintings that excited me.  Today, I saw all the paintings with fresh eyes (19-year "older" eyes, to be more precise) and a whole new set of paintings got me excited!  (Growth?  Boredom with the known?)  Have you got books, like I do, that you'd never, ever part with?  I feel sorry for my kids who will, one day, have to deal with all my stuff.  Oh, well.

Come paint with me! 
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