Monday, January 4, 2016

2016's Color of the Year

Every year, PANTONE comes out with a Color of the Year, and off go the fashion designers and interior decorators, doing their thing!  

This year, it seems Pantone chose Rose Quartz.  Baby Pink?/  Hmmm.  And what do we think of that yellow below?  How many of us can pull that one off?  And what's with having 2 colors so close to each other in hue?  (Peach Echo and Fiesta).  Can I please swap out a purple for one of those??

Anyway, I'll definitely keep this in front of me as I paint (although art is probably a year or more behind fashion changes).  Many of these shades are already on my typical palette, so no worries there.  Are you sad that some of your favorites aren't on there?  I really don't think I'm willing to give up my grey-greens.  (OK.  I'm done complaining now.  Thank you for listening.)

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