Saturday, August 15, 2015

Creating a Gallery Wall in your home.

A few days ago, one of my collectors emailed me and allowed me to see where she had hung a framed print she'd bought from me on a previous trip to Charleston.  I just love to hear from my makes it so much more real to know how the final chapter of my work turns out!  (check out this website to learn how to hang your own Gallery Wall!   You can accomplish this with original art or with prints & photography.  You can mix and match frame colors and styles too, so don't be afraid to create a statement wall!)

My print "Charleston Piazza" is the one at the bottom left.  Notice how the subject matter, colors and frame choices all vary.  It still all works together, don't you think?
Maybe these are all memories of where this couple has traveled.  Maybe not.  It really doesn't matter.
Come paint with me! 
In 2016, we're going to Venice again.
Sept 2015 classes have been added to my website!
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