Thursday, March 6, 2014

Photos do a disappearing act...oh, no!

In the last few days, I've noticed that the photos that should be visible on my blog are gone!!!  Oh, no!!!

While I work through this issue, I'll be posting faithfully to my Facebook page. You may find me (and LIKE me?) by clicking on this link:

If anyone else is having the same issue with Blogger, would you let me know please?  I'd appreciate it!

(This is a test post...let's see if my image shows up...and stays up!  Won't you let me know what you see??  I'd appreciate it!)

Just starting a new painting (watercolor on Yupo).  
Follow up to this post from this morning:My pics are now restored.  It turns out that, by deleting images from my Google+ photo album (which, I must say, I never even created to start with...Google just does that), I was deleting images from my blog too.  

I found a way to Restore my photos and I'm back in business.  After you delete photos from G+, you have 60 days to restore them before they're permanently deleted.  Whew!  Disaster averted!

Come paint Montreal, Maine, Charleston, and Magnolia Plantation with me in 2014!  In May 2015, we go back to Venice!!!  Find details HERE.