Monday, February 10, 2014

"Watching" wins Award

On Saturday, I was awarded a 2nd Place prize for "Watching" which I worked on for what seems like forever.  I encountered stumbling blocks, but I believed in it and just kept on with it.

"Watching" (watercolor, framed size 38" x 34")
(2nd Place in 2D painting: Charleston Artist Guild Member Exhibition)
by Helen K. Beacham Fine Art
Almost all of the painting was completed using "pourings" of various colors (many of which were opaque colors this time around...only the main figure was done in primarily transparent colors to make her stand out).  The judge was Michael Haga, Assistant Dean, School of the Arts, College of Charleston. 

Here, below, is the winner of First Place.  

"Boats" (acrylic) by Brenda Gilliam
1st Place Winner
Approx. Size?  Maybe 11" x 14" (I'm sorry I didn't make a note of it).  Going from memory.

Other pieces that caught my eye as I walked the show are shown below:

Pastel by Elliott West.
I admired the bravery involved in confidently putting those white strokes across the gorgeously completed face!

"Windows to the Soul" (Acrylic Mixed Media) by Catherine Case.
I'm a sucker for lines that stay visible in paintings (and in this case, they actually are an integral part of the overall effect).

"Toogoodoo Rolls" (oil/pastel by Amelia Rose Smith).
The use of those pastel, minty tones in the middle & foreground were very effective...drew me right in.  The card said oil/pastel (if so, VERY  interesting)...not sure if that's what Rose actually used or whether it was a typo on the card...?

Watercolor by Rebecca Taylor.
Becky sought me out at the Awards ceremony.  I had never met her personally, but apparently about 2 years ago when I judged the Mt. Pleasant Artist Guild Show, I gave her 2 awards for 2 of her entries (the names were taped off so I had no idea who got awarded what).  She said she had just moved here to Charleston right before that Show and was thrilled to have her work deemed worthy of showing.  I'd say she has nothing to worry about!

I met one other artist on Saturday (Jackie Kilroe) who just moved to Charleston.  She and her husband (who is Irish) and their son (and cute dog!) lived in Ireland for several years.  We exchanged contact info and I googled her work the next!  I'm looking forward to getting to know Jackie a bit better as time goes by.  Check out her beautiful watercolors of Ireland here:

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