Monday, January 13, 2014

Sharing a bit more of the love!

More fun facts about Montreal (my home town):

1.  Montreal is super bike-friendly, with 310 miles of bike-friendly roads.  You can rent a bike in one part of town and leave it in a totally different part.

2.  The only other city (other than Montreal) to have more restaurants per capita in North America is New York.  That's a lot of restaurants!  All tastes...all styles...all nationalities...and all amazingly good!  Makes it hard to choose one!

3.  Have you ever tasted real maple syrup?  The province of Quebec (which Montreal is in) produces 85% of the WORLD's maple syrup supply.  Every year, families look forward to the "tapping of the sap" when they hold their "maple syprup parties" at the sugar shacks.  You sit at long tables, family style, and grab your food off big platters that are set down in the middle of the tables.  And, you guessed it, everything's served with maple syrup on it!  Or in it...or under it!

Pure gold...real maple syrup
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