Wednesday, January 15, 2014

John Singer Sargent

Booked my flight to Houston to see John Singer Sargent's work!  Could NOT be more excited!  Will meet up there with an old friend from Memphis whom I haven't seen in person in 10 or more years.  But whenever I DO talk to her, it's like we've always been together!  That's when you know the friendship is real!

Looking forward to the upcoming trip and wishing the Museum of Fine Art in Houston would allow me to take lots of pics to show you...but, of course, they won't.  Another friend of mine just saw the show up in Boston and said it was not to be missed.  Cannot wait!

What I love about Sargent's work is this:  When he wasn't painting classic portraits in order to pay the bills, he chose to paint the quiet, unassuming corners of Venice (if there even IS such a thing!).

Come paint Venice, Montreal, Maine, Charleston, and Magnolia Plantation with me in 2014!
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