Saturday, January 11, 2014

Montreal Sketching Workshop - Come with Me!

I've put together the absolute best agenda for you during my July workshop in Montreal, Canada!  Click HERE for the details.  Just scroll down to July's date when you get there.

Montreal is my home town (complete with its European influences) and I'm excited to share it with my students.  On my website, you'll find 4 packages with fees to fit every pocketbook.  Come with me!

Fun facts about Montreal:

1.  It's an island in the ST. LAWRENCE RIVER. (It's one of more than 400!)

2.  In the middle of Montreal lies MOUNT ROYAL (a mountain) from which Montreal gets its name.  At the top of the mountain is Beaver Lake (perfect for picnics and complete with swans), a restaurant and an overlook over the whole city (with those special thingies you put a quarter into and you get to spy on all the windows down there!).  The park itself was designed by the same person that designed New York's Central Park!

3.  Montreal hosts neat festivals annually:  The Jazz Festival, The Comedy Festival (which will be running while we're there), the Montreal International Fireworks Festival, the Montreal Beer Festival and the Montreal Reggae Festival, to name but a few!

4.  Montreal has a terrific Chinatown!  And a Latin Quarter!  and every other ethnic group you can imagine.

5.  Montreal hosted the 1976 Olympics.

6.  Montreal (which is covered in snow during many months of the year) actually has an underground city that consists of 18 miles of tunnels (think Metro subway) and shops, restaurants, movie theaters, and kids' play areas. You could live in an apartment building in one part of the city, take the elevator down to the underground level, ride the Metro to a different part of the city, get out and visit your friend, and NEVER set foot on a snow laden street!  Very neat!

Downtown #Montreal street, outside the Creperie Chez Suzette

Come paint Montreal, Maine, Charleston, and Magnolia Plantation with me in 2014!
Also working on another Spring 2015 Venice workshop!
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