Monday, July 8, 2013

Inspired by Others in Cyberspace

There's an artist, Brenda Swenson, whose blog I follow.  Today she posted that one of her paintings (and how it was created) is featured in the online magazine "Inspired", a free e-mag of  

 "Forbidden Fruit" by Brenda Swenson.

While you're on the "Inspired" website, click to page 40 where you'll see an image of a rolling wave by Amy K. Sanders, a pastel artist.  It reminded me of one of my past paintings called "Before the Storm".  Every artist brings their own interpretation to similar subjects!  I'm not able to download Amy's image for you to see, so you'll have to click on the "Inspired" link to see it on p.40.  But it's worth the trip!  Here's my image for you to compare:
"Before the Storm" (watercolor) by Helen K. Beacham - Sold.
Come with me (Helen K. Beacham) and Kelly Medford to paint Venice this October...

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