Saturday, July 20, 2013

From Canada, To Canada!

Want to see one of my all-time favorite paintings!?  I photographed my model while visiting Montreal, Canada a few years back.  She's a friend of my niece's, and they both were good sports when I asked them to either pose or move or emote, while I shot away!  This is not exactly a step-by-step (because I forgot to take pictures along the way), but it does show you the reference photo. 
p.s.  It's ironic (yet fitting) that the reference photo came from Montreal, Canada, and it was a Canadian couple (from the other end of Canada) that ended up buying it at my gallery in Charleston, SC and shipping it all the way back home!

This shows the first layer of paint.  It's watercolor on Yupo.
You may see the finished painting below.
"Pajama Dance" by Helen K Beacham.  SOLD.
Come with me (Helen K. Beacham) and Kelly Medford to paint Venice this October...

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