Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Day 7


Mission:  30 paintings in 30 days
Focus:  Watercolor with pen and ink on Italian-made Fabriano 140# paper.

Today's painting is brought to you by the many ANOLES that live in our backyard in the Lowcountry.  They are forever changing their colors and are fascinating to watch as they scurry along on branches, the ground or on our wall.  I once had a 4-inch one that got into my studio, and my cat thought I had brought in a new toy for her.  She chased him into a corner, at which point  I got the cat out of the room so that I could gather up the poor, scared little fella.  I reached down to pick him up by the tail (no, I'm not usually that brave, but my husband wasn't around so I had to be!) and to my utter surprise, he played dead!  I was able to pick him up by the tail and he felt like a dried up twig.  I carried him downstairs  (still by the tail) and deposited him on the porch, at which point he "reconstituted" himself and scurried off again.  Not even a look back to say thank you!  Ah, well.

"Creatures, Great and Small II" (watercolor with pen and ink, 4" x 6")
By Helen K. Beacham
This particular anole was about 12" long.

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