Saturday, January 5, 2013

Day 4

Day 4 of my 30 paintings in 30 days project:

This one's going to have to be a small painting, due to time constraints today.  Getting important visitors later today!

Here's the reference photo...I took it at SWEET OLIVE in a beautiful section of Mt. Pleasant, SC (called I'ON) a few years back. Water lilies are a recurring theme for of these days, I might actually have time to raise my own!  My TO DO list is already too long as it is, so don't anyone challenge me to start a waterlily pond please!

Reference Photo for my painting on Day 4 of my 30-day project
So, if you've been reading my blog about this 30 day project, you saw on Day 1 (Jan 2, 2013) how I approach these watercolors with pen and ink.  The process remains the same for the most part.  Sometimes I use masking fluid, as on Day 1's painting entitled "DOCKED AT SHEM CREEK II" (see Post below where I used masking fluid in the grasses), but most times I don't feel the need to use masking.

Because this was going to be a small painting (approx 4" x 6"), I decided to crop the photo and focus just on the lilies themselves.  I never try to "copy" the colors of my reference material.  I have more fun if I can just be free to experiment and "go with the flow" (pun intended, of course!).

In this photo, I'm showing you my first wash and the initial ink sketch.

1st wash of watercolor,  and the ink drawing which I applied after the wash dried.

And here BELOW is a pic of the final piece entitled "Water Beauties III".  Enjoy! (Note:  the difference in color in the photo of the first wash is because I took it before the sun really came out...I photograph my work outside in the shade and the warmth of the sun affects the final look).

"Water Beauties III" (4.25" x 5.75")  Watercolor with pen and ink.
By Helen K. Beacham
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