Friday, January 4, 2013

Day 2 (& Day 3)

Latest Mission:  To paint 30 paintings in 30 days, using watercolor with pen and ink as my main focus.  This is all part of a bigger effort on the part of 220+ artists that have signed up for the challenge.

It's Day 3 and I'm already making excuses for not finishing a painting!  BUT, I'm not letting myself get away with it!  I started a piece yesterday that I felt could be stronger in composition.  Today when I went back to the studio to finish it, I realized that what I had were actually TWO paintings (if I were to cut it down the middle)!  I now have a DIPTYCH!  One for yesterday, and one for today!!!  (Is that cheating?  I don't think so...not when the design got stronger as a result!)

Here's the photo that I started from.  Pretty nice, isn't it?  This scene was from the same setting as Tuesday's painting...Shem Creek just outside Charleston, far down as you can see from the pier.  I had to use my zoom function on my not-so-great camera in order to get this shot.

Although the colors in the photograph are "pretty", the late afternoon scene was more brilliant in real life.  Maybe not QUITE as brilliant as my final painting(s) below, but closer to it in feeling anyway.  The silhouette of the trees in dark relief made me aware that I HAD to make the foreground quite dark as well, in order for it to feel balanced.    Hope you enjoy it!  (p.s.  I'm ahead of the game today...I already have tomorrow's painting sketched out, and a first wash put down!  Found me some more energy!)


"Larger than its Parts I and II" (watercolor with pen and ink Diptych) by Helen K. Beacham
Each measures approx. 9" x 6"

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