Saturday, January 19, 2013

Day 17

Mission:  30 paintings in 30 days
Focus:  Watercolor with pen and ink on Italian-made Fabriano 140# paper.

Today I taught an all-day beginner's watercolor class!  The students started out a little "scared" of their new adventure with me (totally normal, I assure you), but they were brave souls who quickly bonded with each other and forged ahead!  I'm so proud of all of them!   They saw me start this painting below,....class was over at 3:30pm and then I headed to the studio to finish painting Day 17's painting.

Today's scene comes to you courtesy of MAGNOLIA PLANTATION & GARDENS again...These yellow flowers appear in the swamp once a year...but I don't remember the time of year....does anyone know?!  I think they grow out of the duckweed...yes?  I could do more research but I've had to paint, paint, paint to get this time for research unfortunately (spring time maybe???).  

"Swamp Jewels VII" (watercolor with pen & ink)  4" x 6"   -  Available
by Helen K. Beacham

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