Friday, August 21, 2020

Studio Clutter Bee

I've now watched a few episodes of HGTV's "Hot Mess House" and have gathered that I'm what they call a CLUTTER BEE   (I'm organized but prefer to "see" my frequently used items.)

So today I created this little corner in my art Studio! It is 43" wide and 24" deep.

From the bottom left: Standing up against the wall are my watercolor papers in plastic bags and cardboard. Above that is my bulletin board. Top center are some Montreal paintings.  Under that is a simple shelf, screwed to the wall (I show you a close up next). On the table are all my paints. To the right of the table is a LazySusan with brushes, pencils,etc. Under the table against the back wall are my Fredrix watercolor canvases. And on the stool are unread art magazines or books, perfect for a quick grab as I head to any appointment where I know I may have to wait a while.

This is a closeup of the shelf. It's made of 1x4's and is attached to the wall with an L-bracket.  I didn't make it. I found it about 25 years ago either at Goodwill or some such, and figured it was the perfect shape for storage. Since then, it's lived in my attic, till today! 💟

Everything in its place, and easily grab-able!  The little plastic shot glasses are labeled with whatever paint color they hold (marked with a Sharpie).  Sometimes on a very large painting, I want large quantities of a particular color. I squirt in fresh paint and add enough water to get it to whatever value (lightness/darkness) I will be using. I've also used this method for "pourings".

So, are you wondering which Clutterbug YOU are?! Take the test! 
...and let me know in the Comments!

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