Monday, July 17, 2017

Tippette #34 - Taking research photos

I voraciously snap pics with my phone...who doesn't?  

BUT, when I just took a photo that I know in my heart I'm going to want to paint, I point my phone or camera to the ground and snap another photo.  Why? So that it's real easy to identify the photo's location later when I download all of them.  (I typically come home from Montreal with 1600 photos. They all go into a folder dated with that year and month).

Montreal, in the Little Burgundy neighborhood

Similarly, if I'm sketching en plein air and want to finish it later in my Studio, I make sure to take a closeup of the scene and then point down at the ground. The one other thing I do is take a pic of my sketch to that point.  It sometimes comes in handy if I later want to do a work-in-progress post about it.

"One Way".  Watercolor (varnished & gelled to an archival board)
by Helen K Beacham
Any other helpful tips that you have for taking your own research photos?

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