Thursday, July 6, 2017

The Map Room

Those of you that religiously read my blog (thank you!) will know that I've created a HUGE map of Venice that I rely on when I plan new and interesting spots to paint at, eat at or pose in front of!

I've now created a map of Montreal which serves the same purpose.  My sketching workshop begins August 9 and we will be ready!!! (For my past Montreal students, you MIGHT want to come back!  It's Montreal's 375th Anniversary and the town is dressed to the nines!!!  I've lined up so many new spots for us to sketch this year!)

Montreal map which I created using Google Maps.  Very tedious but  it does the job! 
Messy close up of my Montreal map.
Below you can see my Venice map....I've decided to decorate the map with some of my paintings!  See for yourself...I think it works and it makes me smile!

Venice map I created, along with some of my Venice paintings.
Anyway, all this leads me to my original reason for writing today.  My husband walked into this room, which is one of 3 rooms in my home Studio.  He looks around, and declares "This should be called The Map Room."  

And so it shall!  
(I have 2 more walls...what to fill them with, hmmmm...????)

Carrie Waller will do a rare workshop for us in the Charleston area 
(July 28-29). Details HERE...come to Charleston!
My Montreal (Canada) workshop (Aug 9-16) is still open for registration.  Montreal is my home town.  Let me show Her to you! (details HERE).