Friday, May 12, 2017

Venice Photos

Once again, Venice did not disappoint!  I just returned from my trip and had a tough time choosing which photos to share with you. But here's my attempt!

The "grand" Grand Canal

Celebration for the feast of St. Mark's in Piazza San, parades, and plenty of flag wavers.

Florian's....oldest cafe in Piazza San Marco.  The first cafe to allow men AND women!

Sketching on the island of Burano...a colorful fishing village in the Venetian lagoon.

Reflections of happy students in Mary Jo's glasses!

Venetian glass sparkles for us!

No summary of Venice would be complete without a nod to all of the efforts of the Venetians to make their surroundings as beautiful as possible.

Cicchetti...Venetian tapas.  We found some of our favorites on the island of Giudecca.

A hidden treasure garden!

Lunch  with my students, with a view of Venice and Santa Maria della Salute.

Splendor in the simple things.

A quiet spot on a side canal.

The Fondaco dei Tedeschi recently opened its doors in an ancient post office.  The public is now able to take an elevator to the roof terrace for the most spectacular, up close views of the East and West banks of the Grand Canal.

The fishing village of Burano.

Open air markets abound.

I need to paint this one!!!

On our gondola ride!

I got up early one morning, and what did I see??  The fog had rolled in!

The view from the bridge near our apartment was surreal!

Too many splendid, impressive churches to mention, but this statue of Mary is in the church on the island of Murano.  Every time I visit that church, I must photograph her, smiling down on me.

Books, books everywhere in this ancient book store near Santa Maria Formosa.  I always leave with a book for my evening's reading (and if you go, remember to give the kitty cat a pat on the head if he shows himself.  I think it brings good luck.)

I took my Non-Painters group (during the 2nd half of my overall trip) to The Lido this year!  Think of the Venice film festival and sightings of celebrities (we didn't see either but the beach, with the Adriatic Sea, was there to greet us).

My Non-Painters loved Murano's Osteria Al Duomo...we had trouble choosing from the extensive menu!

Cin cin!!!

Don't forget to stop and smell the roses from time to time!
And do it in Venice!!
Let me know what YOU think of Venice!  Do I have kindred spirits out there?!

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