Sunday, May 14, 2017

Golden Tower in Venice

Every "odd" year, Venice holds a big old art party.  2017's Biennale (May 13 - Nov 26) began officially 2 days after our crew left Venice. However, some art installations begin a few days before that, so we got to see 3 going up.  One of them is this one below:

Golden Tower in Campo San Vio

The 65 ft tower is the work of James Lee Byars, who was born in Michigan in 1932 and died in Egypt in 1979.  I have yet to find out how this piece made its way to Venice this year, so long after the creator's death, but I imagine a foundation was involved.

When my painter's group sat at the foot of this tower to sketch the palazzos on the Grand Canal, the tower was encased in scaffolding since it had just been constructed.  The following week, when I and my non-painting group floated down a side canal in a gondola, we witnessed the piece, fully exposed! It is gilded in gold as a nod to the golden gilding that Venice has been noted for throughout the ages. Just breathtaking!


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