Saturday, April 1, 2017

Packing for Venice

Do you get the stink eye from your pets when you pack to leave town?

Drawing courtesy of my talented sister, who says she can't draw.

My Venice workshop is around the corner!  Getting sooo excited!

Venice looks like a fish, right?!  The head is hanging off the left side.
The lagoon islands of Giudecca, Murano and Burano are printed as separate maps. We're going there too!

This is how I plan my daily Venice agenda...all year long I plug new and better things to do and see and paint, into my Venice map (in Google Maps).  Then I print it all out (pasting together sections) and divide up the "goodies" into manageable days.  Does anyone know of a way to print the whole map without going through this exercise?  If so, I'm all ears!!!

My husband and my cats will miss me....!  (And typically I start to really miss them about 2 days before it's time to come back home!) I wish I could pack them all into my suitcase.  I'm looking forward to posting photos from there! Meanwhile, here's one from a previous workshop.

Cistern in Venice
Carrie Waller will do a workshop for us in the Charleston area (July 28-29). Details HERE...come to Charleston!
My Montreal (Canada) workshop (Aug 9-16) is open for registration (details HERE).