Friday, March 17, 2017

Tippette #33: Reversed out signature

I'm trying to get in the habit of thinking about which side I want to sign my name on, BEFORE I start to paint.  If it's going to be in a light spot, no problem...I can use pencil.  If it's going to be in a midtone area, sometimes I need to use a Sharpie ultrafine point.  But what do you do if it's in a really dark area?

On my last painting, when I thought I was done, I signed in pencil.  Then (naturally!) I wanted to add more color to the area, so I quickly signed with masking fluid (using my handy dandy thinnest twig as my signing utensil). When it was dry, I painted a couple more layers of watercolor over the area. The resulting signature was better than if I had left just the pencil.  Not time I'm going to be a bit more careful with the application of the masking fluid.  

"Tucked Behind III", varnished watercolor on 300# Arches
by Helen K Beacham Fine Art
Image size: (11"h x 9.5"w) Framed size: (14"h x 12.5"w)
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