Sunday, August 14, 2016

Are YOU in these pics??

The Fall finds me doing what I love to do the most...teaching.

I came across these photos this morning, and they brought back so many random memories! Do you recognize yourself?  (Please leave me a Comment today and tell me what you're up to!)

Brand new workshops are lined up for this fall, starting August 27 for Beginners and more intermediate or advanced classes running through October.  Check them out HERE!

2009 Florals and Landscapes Workshop
2009 Art Camp for budding artists.
2009 Skies, Water and Reflections Workshop
2010 Nature's Textures (Mixed Media)
2010 Beginners' workshop (through Sculpture in the South)
2011 Yupo workshop
2012 Beginners' Workshop
2012 Acrylics Workshop
2012 Florals and Landscapes
2012 Watercolor and Acrylics
2012 Watercolor Explorations
2012 Watercolor
2013 Charleston Plein air
2013 Venice Workshop
2013 Venice Workshop
2013 Beginners' Watercolor Workshop
2014 Yupo Workshop
2014 Magnolia Plantation Plein air workshop
2014 Beginners' workshop
2014 Charleston Garden Plein air
2014 Beacham Boot Camp
2015 Florals Workshop
2015 The Art of Architecture
2015 Yupo
2015 Venice 8-day workshop
2015 Charleston Plein air
2016 Venice
If you've studied with me in the past, I have a special Facebook Group that I'd love for you to join (it's called Beacham Watercolor Students)...I give tips and techniques, free critiques if you ask for one, and it's just a way for my students to connect with others who love what you love!  Ask me to be added today if you've ever studied with me!

It's time to think about Venice in 2017.  Come with me!
I have a week set aside for NON-PAINTERS too! 
Check out my excursion packages HERE.