Monday, July 25, 2016

Google Alerts

I have certain topics I like to stay aware you?  One of mine shouldn't be a shocker for you.  It's Venice.

By using GOOGLE ALERTS, I get to find out about a lot of things I'd never dream to look up otherwise.  Here's how to CREATE AN ALERT.

Today, Google showed me the most fabulous 38" x 27" reproduction of a 1770's oil painting of Venice, priced at only $75.  If only I lived in the Seattle area, it would be mine!

But seriously, you should set up Google Alerts for your own name(s) at want to be aware of what's being said about you out there, right?!

It's time to think about Venice in 2017.  Come with me!
I have a week set aside for NON-PAINTERS too! 
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