Wednesday, February 17, 2016

Shall I sign it? Is it done?

So, let's refresh our memories with the fact that, when I left you last, I had just removed my masking fluid from the whole painting.  (In case you've forgotten, this painting measures 30"h x 40"w.)

My very next step was to add blues to the middle and foreground, in an attempt to create a lovely "S" intro into the painting.  I'm trying to lead your eye to my (eventual) focal point.  (I had another ulterior motive for the S. I'm hoping to break up the horizontal bands with something that looks at least a little bit vertical.)

Now it felt like the areas that previously had masking on them were too distinct.  Below I added color to them. Then I softened the two bottom waves.  And lastly, I added more bright colors to the top wave so that there was no doubt what I wanted you to end up looking at.

This one's going to need a title.  Any ideas???

Per my usual M.O., I'm going to live with this version of completion for now and see if it talks to me some more tomorrow.  I'm thinking all it needs is a signature and a title!  Before I sign off for tonight, I thought you might want to see the three brushes I used throughout this painting.  Even though it's a large canvas, I chose these smaller brushes in order to be able to work in and around some of the smaller tidbits of color that I put throughout the painting.  

- The bottom brush is a Royal Langnickel SG250 (size #3 round).  A $3.50 brush that I absolutely love.
- The middle brush is an Isabella Stewart Gardner Museum round (no size written on it but I'm guessing maybe a 6 or an 8).  Thank you, Anne P., for this gift!! 
- The top brush is a Rosemary & Co 1/2" Sable Blend Dagger SLR 772. Price is $15 (plus shipping from England).

Thanks for sticking with me.  Now, does anybody have a title for me?????

It's time to think about Venice in 2017.  Come paint with me! 
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