Thursday, January 28, 2016

Some of my Favorites

It's inevitable that some paintings stand out more for us than others.  Here are a few of my favorites from this weekend's Savannah trip to the Telfair Museum (they allow pictures w/o flash in this one).

Kim Minichiello and I were amazed that we had never heard of a lot of the great artists on display.  I was also surprised that, of the ones I liked, it was sometimes the same artist who had done them. (p.s. there were SO FEW watercolors in this show...maybe 4 that I remember seeing?  But I love a good oil painting too!)

This snow scene was large (maybe 4-5 feet wide?).  Below the painting is the description that the Museum had mounted next to it.  Although it's hard to show with a photo, I was particularly drawn to the crispness of this painting's colors and strokes.  A very analagous painting with a nod to the complimentary colors.

This painting below caught my eye because of the expert handling of this foggy atmosphere. It was about 5-6' wide.  I took some close ups to show you as well.  Beautifully handled, with strong perspective especially evident!

This next painting tugged at my heart.  This gentleman, who's been lunching in the shade of his garden, reaches for a few crumbs from his table to hand to his pet chicken. 

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