Wednesday, January 27, 2016

New Watercolor Supplies...just because!

Yesterday's post covered my visit to the Jepson Center of the Arts in Savannah with Kim Minichiello.  After we were forced to evacuate the Center, Kim took me to the SCAD art store (Ex Libris) where we also ate lunch (BTW, according to their online blurb, SCAD has refurbished and taken over 70 buildings in the City, as their campus).  

Because Kim's been to Savannah MANY times (her daughter goes to SCAD), she pointed out some neat corners of the art store, where I bought some QOR watercolors, and a Koh-I-Noor Dry Cleaning Pad.  According to Kim, this is a great tool when you draw too dark(ly?) over a large portion of your drawing, and wish you could lighten up some of those heavy marks (better than other erasers apparently)...there's a technique involved in using this Pad, so maybe I'll show you what she showed me, in a future post).  

She also likes the MOO Professional Eraser (professional!), so that went into my bag.  Lastly, she recommended ArtGraf Watercolor Graphite (in the tin)...Dick Blick's site says "Explore the possibilities of working with washes and other watercolor techniques by simply wetting a brush, touching it to the graphite, and applying the color to paper."  

I've got a Studio full of great supplies, but I always feel like a kid on Christmas morning when I get to play with something new.  Have any of you used these before?  What did you think about them?  

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