Saturday, October 24, 2015

Commissions are not a Scary Thing

I've been working with a client on some paintings she's commissioned me to create.  The one featured below in today's post is their back yard.

The process of ordering a commission is easy.  You and I have a talk about your likes, dislikes and wants...our conversation takes a life of its own, and I leave the conversation with a great idea of what I'm to paint.  After we pin down what size you want, I give you a firm price and we agree on a delivery date.  

Sometimes you give me the photo(s) you want me to work from, and other times (as was the case for this one), I can come to you and photograph what I need.  I show you a sketch and, after you bless it, I become a recluse in my studio for the next few weeks!  I show you periodic glimpses of where I'm at, and we both get excited for the finale!  Here are just 3 of about 10 or so work-in-progress shots I took for my client.

The coolness of the garden and the light pattern on the walkway were important for me to showcase.

Most everything, except the hydrangeas, has been brought up to speed at this point.

And here we have the finished piece.
Their neighbor's cat, Stono, likes to sit on the fence between their houses.
He found his way subtly into my painting!
Come paint with me! 
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