Friday, September 4, 2015

Play Tourist

I'm looking forward to hosting my California student in my home this month.  She went with me to Venice, Italy this past Spring and she's coming to Charleston for both of my back-to-back watercolor workshops, so I offered her a free bed and a good time (ummm...that didn't sound right, did it?). 

Instead of painting on my commissions (which I really need to get back to tomorrow), I've been tidying up My Upstairs Studio (because Heavens...what would she think if she saw it au naturel?).  

Looking forward to showing off Charleston to her, and taking her to my town's Sweet Tea Festival (next Thursday evening in historic Summerville).  Magnolia Plantation & Gardens will also be on our Must-Do list!  I get to play Tourist!

"Gossamer Shelter II" (Magnolia Plantation & Gardens)
Acrylic Mixed Media by Helen K. Beacham Fine Art
In a Private Collection
Come paint with me! 
In 2016, we're going to Venice again.
Sept 2015 classes have been added to my website!
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