Thursday, July 16, 2015

Are you My Student?

I've started a FB Closed Group (called Beacham Watercolor Students) where I post tips about art (techniques, critiques, reproductions, competitions, etc).  All it takes to be in this Group is for you to email me and tell me that you want to be added (you must have studied with me at some point over the last 30 years...or you must be signed up for a future class like my upcoming September ones or the 2016 Paris or Venice ones).  You will then also be able to post your own images, ask questions, and get insights that no one else will get.

So, if you want to be added, email me at (and remember that pesky K in the middle of my name, or it won't come to me...or you should be able to just click on the link).

Today I wrote a post about how to obtain prints of your work.

"Angel's Trumpets" by Helen K. Beacham Fine Art
Image is 6 x 4.
Framed watercolor measures 14"h x 12"
$275.  Available from the artist.
Come paint with me! 
In 2016, we're going to Venice again.
Sept 2015 classes have been added to my website!
Check them out HERE.