Thursday, July 2, 2015

1,309 awards!

I learned this today by eavesdropping on a tour guide in downtown Charleston (SC).....

The Preservation Society of Charleston has presented a whopping 1,309 awards (since 1953) to individuals, businesses or organizations who have done outstanding jobs in exterior preservation and restoration. Such awards are called the Carolopolis Award.  

According to the Preservation Society, "The word Carolopolis comes from the original name of the city, which was derived from a combination of the word Carolus (Latin for Charles) and Polis (Greek for city), thus Charles City and later Charleston."

This past week, I've walked and walked the streets of Charleston (more on that soon)... Here's an example of a home that sports not just one, but two such awards!  There are different dates on the awards.
126 Tradd Street, Charleston, SC
The awards hang on the column to the left of the Doorway
(under the white sign)

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