Sunday, April 19, 2015


I will likely not post to my blog till mid May.  Headed to Venice without a computer....I hate trying to post to my blog via Smartphone.  BUT, be sure to check my FB page where I'm hoping to post daily.  (why not LIKE it while you're on there? Mille grazie!)

My better half is staying home so if you need me (or if you have leftover table scraps), give him a call!

From Oct 2013:  Anne's painting (one of my students) is on the left and mine on the right.Trust me when I say this was NOT PLANNED (that they "correspond").We weren't even aware till that evening when we compared notes!Serendipity.
Come paint with me! 
In 2016, we're going to Paris (!) & Venice again.
Check it out HERE.