Tuesday, March 17, 2015

The Countdown begins

We're headed back to Venice soon!  Don't get me wrong.  I'm NOT looking forward to the flight itself.  I'm a light sleeper and struggle to get a few hours sleep on that overseas flight.  But I'll close my eyes, and I'll start picturing myself walking through Her streets and it will all be good.

Murano Glass

Rain is no deterrent.


Buongiorno Indeed!

Art abounds!  Be still my heart!

Fun in the sun!  

The Doge's columns.

Dessert on the Lido.

Cannot wait to be serenaded again!  And to hear the bells!

Can't think of a more unique way to see this City of Water!

Sometimes it is worth looking UP.

Burano - as special as Venice herself.

Lovely examples of architecture from over the years.
Why not come with me (this year, or next!)?
Come paint with me! 
In 2015, we're going to Venice, Niagara Falls, Montreal and so on!!!  
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