Tuesday, January 21, 2014

Campo Sant' Angelo

On the first day of our Venice painting workshop (in Oct 2013), Kelly Medford and I took our students to Campo Sant' Angelo, just a short walk West from the Piazza San Marco.  There, we set up camp for the day.  In between guiding students, I managed to quickly sketch a scene and added a touch of watercolor for interest.  Today, I pulled out that plein air sketch in my studio and gave it some final touches!  Feels so good to call it done!
"Campo Sant' Angelo" by Helen K. Beacham Fine Art
Image size:  12"x9" (Available unframed for $550)
Below is a picture of the Campo where you can see the leaning tower at the far end.  There are many leaning towers in Venice although none are as bad as the one in Pisa!  On the left, you can see the other side of the building that I sketched (and do you see the tree?).  
File: Venice flickr01.jpg
Campo Sant' Angelo
Photo courtesy of http://it.wikipedia.org/wiki/File:Venezia_flickr01.jpg


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